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Airtel Free 4G Data Offer – Get Free 1 GB 4G Data by dailling 52122 (All users, Valid All India)

Airtel Free 4G Data Offer – Get Free 1 GB 4G Data by dailling 52122. Valid for all airtel users and working in almost all states in India.

Steps to Get 1 GB 4G data Free from Airtel 

  1. Dail 52122 from your Airtel Mobile
  2. You will get a message like, “You got 1 GB 4G data for 90 days”.
  3. Done! Enjoy your free data
  4. To Check Data Balance, dial *121*2# from your mobile

Use this Data balance on “LTE” or 4G mode only else your main balance get deducted

To check wheather airtel 4G is available in your City or not

  1. Visit : http://www.airtel.in/4g/index
  2. Scroll down and Enter your Mobile number.
  3. Click on “Check if 4G Ready”.
  4. Now the page will show is 4G is available or not in your Area.

Airtel 4G: Terms and Conditions

‘India’s Widest 4G Network’ claim based on: no. of 4G Subscribers and no. of circles where 4G is commercially available as on 02.03.16. Network strength may vary depending on parameters like network congestion and topography.
The following statements appearing in print and electronic media: (i) download a movie in 3 minutes flat; (ii) upload a holiday album in just 1 minute; (iii) download a song in a second; are made on these assumptions:

a. Movie downloads in 3 minutes
      • Download Speed – 42 Megabits/sec
      • File size taken as 940 Megabytes.
      • Calculation – 940×8 = 7520 Megabits
      • Download time: 7520/42 = 179 seconds
      • Time in minutes = 3 minutes
b. Photo album uploads in less than 1 minute
      • Upload speed = 12 Megabits/sec
      • 1 Album = 40 photos
      • 1 Photo size = 2 Megabytes.
      • Calculation: (40×2 ) * 8 = 640 Megabits
      • Upload time: 640/12 = 53.33 seconds
      • Time in minutes – Less than 1 Min.
c. Download a song in a second.
    • Download speed = 42 Megabits/sec
    • 1 Song Size  – 5 Megabytes
    • Calculation: 5×8 = 40 Megabits / 42 = .95sec
    • Time in seconds – 1 second

Please note that download speed on Airtel 4G is up to 42 Mbps and upload speed is up to 12 Mbps when the mobile device has a radio signal strength better than -90 dbm while in the home location (not on roaming) on Airtel 4G TDD network. The time taken to upload or download any media or other content on Airtel 4G may vary depending on various parameters in a particular service area, including network congestion and availability.

T&C for 4G speeds at 3G prices

Terms and Conditions – Free 4G Upgrade

  • The Free 4G Upgrade offer (“Offer”) is applicable to 3G prepaid and postpaid subscribers of Bharti Airtel Limited who have subscribed to open market plans. Customers must check their eligibility for the Offer by calling our toll-free customer care number – 121.
  • To avail the Offer, the Subscriber will need to use a 4G LTE capable mobile device and an Airtel 4G SIM. The 4G SIM can be procured from the nearest Airtel store or www.airtel.in/4g.
  • 4G LTE services are only available in specific towns and cities. Please visit www.airtel.in/4g for a complete list of the same.
  • Subscriber acknowledges that this Offer is a gratuitous offer made by Airtel and Airtel may, at its sole discretion, withdraw this offer without any notice. Subscribers who have already availed the offer will not be affected.
  • Availability of 4G services and speeds are not constant and may vary for a number of reasons, including but not limited to infrastructure, congestion, availability of the network, number of active users, weather, topography, acts of God or force majeure. Airtel does not guarantee uninterrupted or seamless services.
  • Airtel’s decision with regard to any subscriber’s eligibility to avail the Offer will be final.

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