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BevQ app is now LIVE in Kerala - available for download from playstore. Alcohol distribution will starts @ 9 AM. How to use and how to get token. All you need to know about BevQ app

BevQ is now available in PLAY STORE for download. BevQ is an app used by Kerala Government to manage queues in beverage outlets virtually. The app has been developed by a Kochi-based startup Faircode Technologies to avoid reopening of liquor outlets & long queues and rush outside liquor shops. The liquor distribution through the BevQ app will start on Thursday.

May 26th, 2020

BevQ, the new mobile app for virtual queue system for liquor sale in kerala is approved by Google on Tuesday. The BevQ app is now available for public to download and use. The liquor sale through the BevQ app of Beverages Corporation will start on Thursday. The liquor distribution through the BevQ app will start on Thursday @ 9 AM.

BevQ is now available in PLAY STORE


__Link to BevQ app in playstore__ - __

The BevQ app listed more than 1100 outlets and will be available throughout kerala. Excise minister kerala Mr. T. P. Ramakrishnan will officially announce the Bevq app in press meet today.

BevQ is a virtual queue application and token generator service provided by Kerala state beverages corporation ltd. Inorder to maintain the social distancing especially in this covid scenario this app will be usable and the client can book a queue number and token for assuring his place in the queue in the specified time slot.

Kerala government taken necessarty steps to avoid any rush and to ensure smooth supply of liquour, wine etc.. through BevQ app. BevQ is tested properly and got approved from google, it can handle upto 8 lakhs visitors at a time

Link to BevQ app in playstore -

How to use BEVQ app

Customers will have to book their purchases on the app and get the e-tokens on the app itself, customer will get details and time to visit the liquor shop to make the purchase. Customers will be able to purchase liquor from their nearest outlets or bars.

Step by Step instructions in Malayalam to use BevQ app


__Important Instructions on BevQ app use to book online__
  1. Daily liquor distribution from morning 9 AM to evening 5 PM only.
  2. Token booking from BevQ app will be available from morning 6 AM to night 10 PM.
  3. Only 5 people are allowed in queue at a time in bevco outlet.
  4. Liquor/wine will not be distributed without BevQ token or not on time as per the BevQ token presented.

Step by Step instructions to use BevQ app

Download BevQ app from Google playstore. Open BevQ app and generate a token to get a spot in the virtual queue for buying liquor.

  1. Download BevQ app, install it and open the app. You can register in BevQ app by entering their name, mobile number and pin code.
  2. Tick the box to accept the conditions and agreements then choose your preferred language.
  3. A 6-digit code will be sent to the given mobile number. Enter this code to continue.
  4. If you did not receive any code, please request to resend the code again.
  5. After entering the OTP thus completing the registration, go to the outlet booking page. Choose the preferred beverage like liquor, beer or wine.
  6. Once the beverage booking is done through BevQ app, a queue number, details of the outlet to collect the liquor and date and time of booking will be sent to you.
  7. You can also use the QR code to get the details. Booking is allowed only between 6 am and 10 pm.
  8. If you want to book through SMS instead of BevQ app follw the format, to book liquor through SMS use <BL><space><PINCODE><space><NAME>, and to book wine use format <BW><space><PINCODE><space><NAME> and send it to 8943489433.

What is Kerala BevQ App?

The Kerala State Beverages Corporation Limited (BEVCO) starting the process of Liquor Online Sales Booking by Online and Mobile App named Bev-Q. The Bev-Q app will help liquor buyers in Kerala to avoid long line and rush at beverages outlets and BAR counters in Kerala. It will provide a virtual token to buy the liquor during the extended lockdown. The virtual token will specify a time period to buy liquorfrom the nearest outlet identified using GPS (Global Positioning System). Aadhaar number is mandatory for taking virtual tokens through the BEVCO app. The liquor price will be the same at all outlets.

The app is available fro FREE on Google Playstore and Apple App Store. The users will be allowed to download it for further use, as per the guidelines provided by the State.

The Kerala State Beverages Corporation has started the process of Online Booking for liquor sales in Kerala. The Liquor Online Sales Booking will be done through the Mobile App BevQ.

The Bevq mobile app, brought in to regulate customers in the bevco stores, will send e-tokens to customers to book their suitable time slots to the nearest liquor store, thereby reducing the chances of crowding and rushing outside liquor shops in kerala, State Excise Minister TP Ramakrishnan said on Wednesday while making the announcement.

“The state-run outlets in Kerala are crowded under normal circumstances and in today’s scenario, it cannot be allowed. A new system, using a mobile application, will be used to book the time slot to purchase the liquor. This is a virtual queue system,” he had said.

The daily sale will begin at 9 am and end at 5 pm.

Ramakrishnan further said that apart from the 301 state-run stores across Kerala, as many as 576 out of the 613 bar-hotels in the state have also agreed to all terms and conditions to sell liquor.

“Bars and hotels will have special counters to sell liquor at Kerala State Beverages (Manufacturing & Marketing) Corporation Ltd (BEVCO) rate,” the minister added.


Updated May 27, 2020

Size 24M

Installs 10,000+

Current Version 3.0

Requires Android 4.1 and up

Content Rating Rated for 16+

Offered By Kerala State Beverages Corporation


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