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BSNL Prepaid Mobile Recharge Plans Kerala 25 February 2021

List of all BSNL prepaid recharge plans of 25 February 2021 for Kerala circle. Here you can find the best plan for you from the list validity extension plans, STV plans, TopUp plans, Data plans, Voice plans, SMS plans for kerala circle at one place.

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PriceDataVoiceSMSValidityMonthly Expense **
162 GB----1 day(s)448
181 GB/dayunlimited1002 day(s)252
271.5 GB----3 day(s)252
291 GBunlimited3004 day(s)203
331 GB----5 day(s)184
492 GB100 min10028 day(s)49
5710 GB----10 day(s)159
752 GB100 min--60 day(s)35
943 GB100 min--90 day(s)29
972 GB/dayunlimited100/day18 day(s)150
982 GB/day----22 day(s)124
99--unlimited--22 day(s)126
1063 GB100 min--100 day(s)29
1073 GB100 min--100 day(s)29
10910 GBunlimited100/day20 day(s)152
1180.5 GB/dayunlimited100/day21 day(s)157
14710 GBunlimited--30 day(s)137
149--unlimited--28 day(s)149
15140 GB----28 day(s)151
1531 GB/dayunlimited100/day28 day(s)153
1982 GB/day----45 day(s)123
1991 GB/dayunlimited100/day28 day(s)199
2012 GB/dayunlimited100/day30 day(s)187
2412.5 GB/day----30 day(s)224
2473 GB/dayunlimited100/day30 day(s)230
25170 GB----28 day(s)250
2982 GB/dayunlimited100/day56 day(s)149
319--unlimited--75 day(s)119
3652 GB/dayunlimited100/day60 day(s)170
398unlimitedunlimited100/day30 day(s)371
3991 GB/dayunlimited100/day80 day(s)139
4291 GB/dayunlimited100/day81 day(s)148
4851.5 GB/dayunlimited100/day90 day(s)150
4991 GB/dayunlimited100/day90 day(s)155
5995 GB/dayunlimited100/day84 day(s)199
6662 GB/dayunlimited100/day120 day(s)155
6990.5 GB/dayunlimited100/day180 day(s)108
9973 GB/dayunlimited100/day180 day(s)155
9982 GB/day----240 day(s)116
999--unlimited--240 day(s)116
1098unlimitedunlimited100/day84 day(s)366
149924 GBunlimited100/day365 day(s)114
19993 GB/dayunlimited100/day365 day(s)153
23993 GB/dayunlimited100/day437 day(s)153

** Monthly Expense calculated for 28 days. Monthly Expense is the amount you need to spend for 28 days for the corrosponding plan.

This page provides you the list of all BSNL prepaid recharge plans for Kerala circle. You can sort and filter among all bsnl plans to find the best suitable plan for you. The BSNL recharge plans list updated regularly to ensure you are viewing latest and valid plan only. This list of BSNL recharge plans are updated on 25 February 2021.

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