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Cred App cashback offers : Get Rs. 250 Cashback on First Credit Card Bill Payment + Upto Rs. 1000(Min 750) on every referral

CRED is a members only credit card bill payment platform that rewards its members for clearing their credit card bills on time. Now Cred App offering __Rs. 250 Cashback on your First Credit Card Bill Payment using Cred App and upto Rs. 1000(Minumum Rs. 750) cashback for every successfull referral__.

February 28th, 2022
Cred App cashback offers : Get Rs. 250 Cashback on First Credit Card Bill Payment + Upto Rs. 1000(Min 750) on every referral

Cred App offer : Get Rs. 250 Cashback On Your First Credit Card Bill Payment and Upto Rs. 1000 on referral

Sign up on CRED using the below link and claim Rs. 250 Cashback for your first credit card payment and other rewards when for every credit card bill payment. Also you can earn upto Rs. 1000 for every referral. For referral mimnum Rs. 750 cashback is guaranteed. Hurry, this link expires in 48 hours.

Cred referral link -

How to get Rs. 250 Cashback on cred:

  1. Download Cred App From this link
  2. Signup for new user using your mobile number
  3. Verify your credit card & Cred will deposit Re. 1 to verify your credit card
  4. Once your credit card is approved do your First Credit Card Bill Payment On Cred App
  5. You will get Rs. 250 Cashback On First Bill Payment.
  6. Cashback will be deposited to your credit card as statement credit

CRED members get access to exclusive rewards and experiences from premier brands upon clearing their credit card bills on CRED.

How to get upto Rs. 1000 Cashback on cred:

Cred Refer & Earn Get 750-1000 cashback
  1. Refer a new user to cred app
  2. You will get upto Rs. 1000 when you refered person makes their first payment. Minumum Rs.750 cashback is guaranteed for every successful referral.
  3. You frined will get Rs. 250 for the first payment.

Cred offers exclusive rewards for paying your bills

Every time you pay your credit card bills on CRED, you receive CRED coins. you can use these to win exclusive rewards or get special access to curated products and experiences. on CRED, good begets good.


You can participate in CRED MEGA JACKPOT by redeeming your CRED coins to claim member-exclusive perks: shop at special prices on CRED store, book stays at special prices on CRED travel, claim exclusive rewards and cashbacks on CRED rewards, and claim exclusive offers when you shop online by paying with CRED pay. As you redeem more CRED coins, climb up the leaderboard to reach the top and win assured jackpots.

How does CRED reward their users?

CRED partners with the best premier and luxury brands to bring you an unmatched experience at the end of every credit card bill payment cycle. These brands include Airbnb, Book My show, Urban Ladder, Bombay Shaving Company, Curefit, Ixigo, Bodycraft to name a few.

Rewards covered on CRED

Every time you pay your credit card bill on CRED, you earn CRED coins equivalent to the amount of your credit card bill cleared on CRED. The CRED coins earned can be used to claim shopping rewards, travel rewards and dining rewards. Some of the offers include:

  • A 45-day subscription to the Harvard Business Review
  • Unlimited doctor consultations for you and your family on the DocsApp
  • 50% off on all The Bowl Company
  • One month subscription to the Bloomberg Quint

How to earn rewards on CRED

Members can earn rewards in two different ways. One way is through CRED coins and the other is through CRED gems. CRED coins and CRED gems both offer different rewards from different brands.

CRED Coin Rewards

  • When you pay your credit card bill on CRED, for every rupee cleared on your bill you earn a CRED coin. You can then use earned CRED coins to claim exclusive rewards from different brands.

What do you get as a CRED Member?

As a CRED member, you instantly make your credit card payment experience hassle-free by unlocking several perks only available to CRED members:

  • Seamless bill payment experience through modes like UPI, net banking and debit Cards
  • Timely credit card bill payment reminders
  • Automate your credit card bill payments
  • Expose hidden charges on your credit card with CRED protect
  • Get real-time alerts on duplicate transactions on your credit card
  • Manage multiple credit cards on a single portal
  • Keep a realtime check on your credit score

How does CRED make it easy to pay one’s credit card bills?

You get to manage all your credit cards on CRED and view the amount that is due for payment from a single place. You also get timely reminders for bill payments which ensure that you never miss your due date and thus save up on your late charges. Additionally, you also ensure the chances of getting a higher credit score in the future with on-time payments. Whether you have to make a Standard Chartered credit card payment, American Express credit card payment or Citi credit card payment, your payments are always instantly cleared and take just a few clicks.

How does one become a member of CRED?

You can apply to be a member by signing up on CRED with your name and valid mobile number(issued within India). CRED is India’s most trustworthy and creditworthy community. This means we are selective about the members we take. For membership an Experian credit score of 750 or above is mandatory.

Keep checks on your credit score

Upon becoming a member, you can refresh your credit score with a single click. CRED then proceeds to acquire your updated credit score through a CIBIL score soft inquiry. On CRED you can access your credit score data anytime without any extra charges. As a member, this helps you keep regular checks on your credit score and re-evaluate your spending patterns to maintain a healthy credit status.

Banks Supported on CRED

CRED supports credit card bill payment for American Express, Standard Chartered, Citibank, HSBC, HDFC, ICICI, SBI, AXIS, Kotak, RBL, PNB and other top Indian banks.

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